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Early Recovery: We admitted.

For Addicts - Weekend Intensives

Friday Module One: Understanding Your Dilemma



How Shame, Fear, and Anger are the fuel of addiction.


Neurpathways and Arousal Template


Intimacy: Beyond the Physical 


Friday Module Two: Understanding Your Dilemma

Intimacy: Beyond the Physical 


Importance of Awareness, Mindfullness, and Intention


The skills of feeling

Saturday Module Three: The Foundation

Self-imposed prison:Guilt and Gut-wrenching Insecurity



Saturday module 5: Afternoon: Untie Your Hands

Karpman's Triangle: The Battle Inside


Karrpman's Triangle: Unmet Expectations

Sunday Module Six: Balance

Living Clean and Free: Not Just Abstinence


Repetition Strengthens and Confirms


Informed Commitment : Savoring - Gratitude


Support: They just don't understand.

Family Admitted: Family Intensive:

Starting June 2016


Choice: Living Clean


We admitted. Creating Community

Wednesday Following Intensive 12 closed group sessions. 

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