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About Me

Ruby B. Johnson LCSW, LCDC

Rock in Sand

I have a been a therapist for over 19 years and a sex therapist for 6 years. I am in private practice in Plano, Texas.

I do identify as a queer and polyamorous woman.

I specialize in ethically nonmonogamous partnerships/families, Kink/BDSM, desire discrepancy, and infidelity. Outside of therapy, my passions are speaking and writing. I have several publications and interviews which are listed in my curriculum vitae.

I decided to start my practice in April 2014. As a result of working with diverse communities within facility based services, my practice welcomes and affirms various family and partnership structures (consensual non-monogamous, polyamorous, and open relationships), multi-cultural partnerships/families, and gender and sexually fluid communities.

I provide affirmative therapeutic support, care, and interventions for all communities.

Click here for my Philosophy of Practice



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