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Love, grace, accountability, courage, vulnerability, empathy, shame resilience, and the power of story can change the world. As we put these into practice, we must take care of ourselves, each other, this community, and the people we serve.

Brené Brown Education Research Group

Activist's Therapist

Over the last 6 years, As a therapist, I have served clients that are on the front lines for community change and healing. Personally, i have been a community advocate and activist for 17 years and counting.

 This has been my most passionate and fulfilling work and contribution to date.

As a mental health professional, I carry the same passion and compassion into the therapy office.


I use social justice informed therapy coupled with other therapeutic modalities in practice. I recognize that historical and political histories impact the individual, their partnerships, and the communities they serve. I have a vast understanding of the role leadership in the personal and professional arena.


I am honored to have the opportunity to serve you. 

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