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The Missing Puzzle Piece

"Something is missing?" "I am so uncomfortable and I don't understand why?" "I have a job, home, wonderful partner, and family, it doesn't seem to be enough." These questions are asked regularly in my practice. The confusion and longing for an answer to the life's mental and emotional discomfort are not easily pinpointed or solved. Many times, the solutions to dis-ease are difficult to find because the questions that lead to answers are difficult to formulate. This is where I find the greatest joy in the journey of self-discovery and self-enlightenment. The answers are mostly within and require sorting through many unfulfilled expectations, misplaced exceptions, and unspoken expectations that may seem insurmountable. One may seek a A+b=C solution (I smile while typing this.) If only life's dilemmas were that simplistic to solve. The empowerment within the process of learning new skills and ways of being that evolve from the therapeutic process takes courage and open mindedness. The missing piece is not elusive or mystical. The answer is within you.

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