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What is a intimacy disorder?

Intimacy Disorders are another way of stating of unhealthy boundaries. Boundaries are the road signs that guide you on the highway of life. Boundaries indicate to self and others when to "yield, stop, do not enter, enter, go with caution, under construction, and so on." So, if boundaries are road signs on the highway of life, how would boundaries look if they are not working, invisible or are not used? Simply, the highway is cluttered with too many signs, not enough signs, or missing signs. Therefore, the security and confidence of a safe highway is not experienced by the driver. So, what is the explanation for you, the driver?


You were not given a driver's education class to experience how to be secure and confident with your signs. Therefore, you may be avoidant of the signs, fearful of the signs, dismissive of the signs, or preoccupied on the signs.


Your thought and question, now, may be - I have been struggling too long. How do I learn and use these boundaries and how can you help me? First, you admit that the struggle is real. You learn to adapt and to survive the fear of insecurity with signs on the highway.   With confidence, I believe what has been learned can be unlearned. I can help you gain knowledge about yourself and relationships. I can help you gain an understanding how these unhealthy and insecure boundaries have impacted how you relate with yourself and others. I can provide different ways to see your journey and to empower you on your journey. If you are reading this, you have started the knowledge building and the empowerment already. You can continue the journey by contacting me at 469-708-6387 or email me at TODAY. This road sign reads:



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