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To Empower and

To Serve Our Communities

Professional Development

See attached Curriculum Vitae

Inamorata LLC provides continuing education units for Texas Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists.

Inamorata LLC provides professional trainings for the community's agencies, businesses, treatment facilities, mental health and substance abuse community providers, court systems, and other entities. The areas of specialties are cultural humility within services and organizations that provide services to our most vulnerable populations: lesbian community, gay community, bisexual community, gender non-conforming, transgender community, all family structures, relationship structures, substance use treatment, multicultural communities, and behavioral health community. 

Substance Use Assessments

Inamorata LLC is a provider for the Department of Transportation, Texas Peer Assistance Program for Nurses, and other regulatory agencies. Our services are available for all businesses who are in need of assessment and case management for their employees. 

Consent and Negotiation Workshops

.Inamorata LLC provides consent and negotiation workshops for all communities. The practice of Consent and Negotiation is an area of interpersonal relationships that allow for the person to express agency and autonomy with voice and decisions about their bodies and choice. 

Community Advocacy

.Inanorata LLC advocates for individuals that are discriminated, marginalized, and oppressed within the communities. Our organization advocates and empower groups to overcome the emotional, structural, and access barriers that impeded their quality of life. .

New Possibilities Foundation

Founder and CEO of nonprofit that provides grants and scholorships to those individual who are in recovery from active addiction. We provide scholarships and grant for individuals to use toward living expenses such as rent, food, transportation, and other living needs. We emphasize funding for people of color who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender.

Our first large fundraiser is occurring April 2017. 

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